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Donor Appreciation Event, 2015

In celebration of the support we receive year in and year out, Meriwether Foundation hosted a 2015 Donor Aprreciation Event in Los Angeles.

While guests enjoyed savory and sweet, made to order crepes and cocktails, Meriwether Foundation co-founders Nomvimbi Meriwether, Delano Meriwether and Nana Meriwether spoke of the wonderful milestones we have been able to achieve with your support. Because of your donations, big and small, Meriwether Foundation has been able to continue to operate programs in rural and impoverished communities with the hopes of improving health, empowering communities and alleviating poverty.

Thank you for your support.

Whether you have given to Meriwether Foundation before or you are just learning about our programs, late last year we launched our 100 Partners Program as a way for you to deepen your relationship with the many women, children and impoverished communities we serve overseas just by pledging to give a tax-deductible $50-100 a month donation. We hope that you will partner with Meriwether Foundation this year!


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