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Meet Handros!

I am HANDROS NYIRONGO, aged 23 years from MUTAYA village in Chipata, Zambia. I was born and grew up in this same area.

I am doing medicine at Lusaka Apex Medical University in Lusaka Zambia. I completed my senior secondary school in 2009. I developed a passion of doing medicine a long time ago when I was still young. The passion developed when I saw how people are suffering in the community whenever they fall sick. So looking at that I thought by doing medicine I could help in one way or another by serving people’s lives when it comes to the health sector. When I grew up I also realized that the patient-doctor ratio in Zambia was very low so I thought by doing medicine I could reduce the gap between patients and medical staff for my country.

While in MUTAYA village I met my family friend by the name of Conet Mwanza who recently had been receiving help from the Meriwether Foundation on the development of his school where he used to teach the children of the community from. He told me that the Meriwether Foundation was looking for students who could do medicine and I offered myself for the scholarship. Thereafter Conet Mwanza communicated with NOMVIMBI over my request in to which she responded positively.

I started communicating with NOMVIMBI directly she even gave me her contact numbers for USA. When she came to Livingstone Zambia with the other members of the Foundation she requested to meet me and she sent transport money of which I used to travel to Livingstone from Chipata. When the Foundation members saw me in person they even recommended to start sponsoring me.

I am now in my 4th year of medical school mentioned above. This is how I met the Meriwether Foundation and I really thank God for them because they are making all possible efforts to make my dream come true of becoming a medical doctor!!!


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