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Organic gardens and poultry programs


Food security and nutrition are the main objectives and driving factors for these programs. Organic gardening is an important component of the Foundation's mission to improve the health of rural communities. The yield from these programs is especially important for bolstering the immune systems of HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children.

Construction and support of schools

The Foundation has partnered with schools in rural communities in an effort to help improve and resource the education of the local population. These partnership programs include the construction and electrifying of schools, paying for school fees and uniforms, providing medical supplies and sports equipment, and providing financial support for the professional training of teachers, community builders and carpenters.

Construction and management of clinics

The Foundation provides comprehensive, curative medical and preventive health services through rural and peri-urban community clinics, with emphasis on activities that relate to childhood illnesses, malnutrition, maternal health and HIV/AIDS.


Nutrition, HIV/AIDS and preschools

The preschool and early childhood development services are an outgrowth of the health services and nutritional intervention for the children. The Foundation uses the platform of a school to not only educate the children, but also to provide nutritious meals on a regular schedule, and to monitor and care for the health of the children. This program is designed to ensure maximal psychosocial development and access to good nutrition in order to improve the health and overall quality of life of the children, particularly those that are HIV-positive and are given anti-retroviral medicines (ARV’s), on a regular basis. 

Distribution of medical supplies and equipment

The Meriwether Foundation distributes vital biomedical equipment and medical and surgical supplies to rural clinics, health centers, schools and hospitals in rural and per-urban areas.

HIV/AIDS support groups

The Foundation initiates, develops and manages HIV/AIDS programs that provide nutrition, education, prevention, counseling, testing,  and ARV distribution services. These programs are implemented with HIV/AIDS support groups with the aid of health services provided by the rural clinics.

Mobile Clinics

The Meriwether Foundation plans to deploy mobile health clinics, throughout Southern Africa, to provide basic primary healthcare to people residing in remote areas without access to adequate health services.

Water and sanitation

Many people in Africa die every day from preventable diseases that are directly associated with a lack of access to clean water. In an effort to change this situation, the Meriwether Foundation operates water projects in Africa to provide clean water to rural villages. The Foundation also hosts an Annual Walk for Water fundraiser event on World Water Day. The money raised from this event goes directly to the Foundation's water and sanitation programs in Africa.

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