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Nutrition Programs

Donate to a specific nutrition program

Early Childhood Development

Meriwether Foundation preschool and early childhood development programs are an outgrowth of the health and nutritional intervention services.


The Foundation uses the platform of a school to not only educate underserved children, but to also provide nutritious meals on a regular schedule and monitor and care for the health of students. 


Our program is designed to ensure maximal psychosocial development and access to good nutrition in order to improve the health and overall quality of life of children, particularly those that are HIV-positive and are on anti-retroviral medication.


Organic Gardens, Orchards, and Poultry 


Food security and nutrition are the main objectives and driving factors for these programs. The yield from these programs is especially important for bolstering the immune systems of vulnerable children suffering from HIV/AIDS, acute malnutrition and other ailments.



These programs will also be used as part of Meriwether Foundation Economic Empowerment Programs that teach families to develop small business plans around the sale of excess yield.

 Feeding Program

This program provides students and children from the community with balanced meals designed by a professional nutritionist and prepared by local cooks employed and trained by Meriwether Foundation. The ingredients for the meals come straight from the produce of our organic gardens.

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