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Curative and Preventive Health Programs

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Mobile Health Clinics

In 2014, Meriwether Foundation successfully shipped and is in the process of launching mobile health clinics throughout Southern Africa to help provide basic primary healthcare to people residing in remote areas without adequate access to health services.

Health Centers

Meriwether Foundation provides comprehensive, curative medical and preventive health services through rural and peri-urban community clinics. These health centers treat conditions such as childhood illnesses, malnutrition, maternal health, diabetes, high blood pressure, and HIV/AIDS among several other ailments.



Health Fairs

The goal of The Meriwether Foundation Health Fairs is to inform the community and empower individuals to better health and prolonged life. The Health Fairs are a key part of our public health initiative to help prevent disease and improve health.


The Health Fairs offer free access to testing, diagnosis, counseling, and education about diseases such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. In addition, we offer educational lessons on topics such as nutrition, hygiene, and agriculture.

Water and Sanitation 

Meriwether Foundation operates water projects in Southern Africa in order to reduce the occurrence of preventable diseases that too often prove to be deadly for those living in rural impoverished communities. 


We provide water bore holes, irrigation and sanitation systems to communities with lack of access to clean water.

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