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News aritcles about Meriwether Foundation


Issue No. 163

"'I happened to believe there's more to health care than treating individual sick people.' he says. 'Poor people tend to have certain problems rich people don't have. If you're poor, you get sick because you dont have clean water, good shelter and good food.
Then I was faced with the problem: If I believe so stongly in this, when am I going to get out there and put it into practice?'"

SA Black Enterprise

Volume 3

"'As a doctor, I'd much rather see fewer patients and a healthier group of children than problems related to poverty such as malnutrition, TB and so on. We're taking an economic approach to health problems and that's exciting for me'"

The Main Event

June 1989

"'The most doctors we ever had were six or seven, for a half-million people,' Meriwether continued. 'There were 200 beds; the daily hospital census was 400. We routinely had 200 patients in beds and another 200 under the beds, on concrete floors. That's common.'"

December 1989 / January 1990

"'A doctor cannot say to a sick mother and child I cannot serve you because you live in a homeland. Professionals have to do their duty despite apartheid. They will find even if laws change drastically by the 1990s there will be no better reason for them to take care of rural people then than there is in the 1980s.'"

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